Where to start when it comes the replacement doors and windows and what’s the process? 
Buying replacement windows and doors for your home doesn’t have to be stressful, ok it’s money that you might not want to spend but your home is a long-term investment and it’s important to look after it. So, when the time comes it’s good to know what to expect. 
Overtime our homes can become a little tired and in need of some TLC, unfortunately “a lick of paint”, doesn’t always do the trick and it could well be time to replace more costly items such as windows and doors. But where do you start? 
Firstly, it’s going to depend on your budget and it’s a good idea to work out what the priorities are, small changes can be easier on the wallet and still make a big impact, for example have a proper look at your windows, do they actually need replacing? If the frames are in good condition and are operating well it could just be a case of replacing the glass units, these breakdown overtime and they are no longer energy efficient, you can tell when this happens because the glass becomes misty between the panes, this could help to save a few pounds that could be spent elsewhere. 
Another option to consider may be to replace your front door, the benefits are not just about curb appeal, a new front door can increase the security of your home and can help to reduce energy costs, there are many options available today that won’t break the bank but will make a big difference to your home. 
Once you have decided what your home improvement priorities are it’s good to get some quotes to see how these compare to your budget, you should get at least three but bear in mind that cheapest doesn’t always mean value for money, find out what’s included in the quote, for example will the work be guaranteed and if so, how long for and is it an insurance backed guarantee? Will you receive a Fensa certificate? These are things that might not seem important now, but they will be in years to come if you decide to sell your property or something goes wrong with the product, so it’s good to know you are covered. 
Booking a quotation is usually free so at this stage you’re not committing to anything, there’s no harm in “shopping around” so to speak. Whether you choose to have a home visit or to book a showroom visit to start with is your preference however a showroom visit at some point before signing on the dotted line is always recommended, it will help you decide what’s right for your home, it’s an opportunity to see the products and to get to know the company you may be buying from and to understand their process, we have a list of frequently asked questions on our website that may help you to understand how it all works? https://www.glazingsolutionsltd.com/faqs/ 
So, you’ve set your budget, you’ve checked out the products and you’ve received your quotes (don’t let pushy sales techniques and promises of big discounts rush your decision) home improvements are a big commitment, and you shouldn’t feel harassed to give the go ahead. 
Once you’re happy to proceed with your chosen installer you will be asked to sign a contract and it’s important that you do, once you have checked it and agree all is correct of course (you’ll be surprised how many people don’t actually read it before signing). The next step is for the survey to be completed, final measurements will be taken to ensure the correct sizes are ordered, at this stage you will usually be asked to pay a deposit which will be a percentage of the final bill, this should be discussed at quotation stage so you should be fully aware of what the expected deposit will be. You’ll then be all set and will be given an installation date. Your chosen installer should keep you posted with any updates on the progress of your order and will inform you of any unforeseen delays or changes to the installation date. You can now enjoy your home again and should reap the benefits straight away. To book a free quotation or to discuss your requirements, contact us on 01449 706888. 
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