A new way of living that has created a space for all purposes! 
The last two years have certainly pushed us to our limits and most definitely challenged the way we have lived our lives, living with restrictions on our freedom and life as we knew it! 
What the pandemic has taught us however is how to adapt to change. During the lockdown 60% of British workers were forced to work from home and 26% of those people have chosen to continue working from home, for some businesses this has proved to be cost effective and they have adopted this going forward even after restrictions have been lifted, we also saw an increase in people starting up small businesses and even home gyms, which is great, we used our initiative and got on with it albeit a little cramped, in good old British fashion we have soldiered on. 
During lockdown the demand on the home improvements sector skyrocketed, the lack of family holidays, nights out and spending our disposable cash on what may seem now like unnecessary purchases had us focusing more on the four walls that we had been confined to, the realisation that your home is somewhat in need of repair or improvement was now staring many people in the face, the other realisation has been that of space or lack of it should we say! What once seemed to be a spacious family home suddenly became cramped and chaotic with the kitchen table becoming the central hub of activity with home schooling and home office combined, organising the daily zoom meeting whilst teaching the little ones their ABC brought multitasking to a whole new level! So, what is the answer? Build a costly extension? Move house? Sell the kids? No, of course selling the kids is not an option we recommend, however the dilemma of how to create more space in the home you love without breaking the bank is something we can certainly help you with! 
A modern, stylish garden room from Glazing solutions is a flexible, multipurpose space that is not only a comfortable working space, but it is also a home gym or yoga studio or a relaxing space away from the main house, it could even be the space that gets your small business off the ground! Fuss free installation and without the price tag of a costly extension. 
Choose from a range of sizes, designs and colours, Bi folding, Sliding Patio or French doors, the garden rooms are beautifully designed, fully insulated and come with the option of an interior décor pack or a timber finish inside to give you the choice of “putting your own stamp on it” The pre-wired external lighting and a long lasting weather proof roof and guttering completes the finish, giving you a stunning additional space with a view of your garden to be used however and whenever you need it. For more information and to book your free quotation call us on 01449 706888. 
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